MUSHROOM: my cat of adelaide

Catelaide readers, it’s time for the big reveal. While I have been posting about all these cute cats I have encountered in Adelaide, I realised the obvious: why have I not profiled my chubby love, my professional catloafer, my waker-upper every morning?     This is Mushroom. My world CLEARLY revolves around him — hence the creation of this blog! It would take me longer … Continue reading MUSHROOM: my cat of adelaide

HARRY: you’re my favourite subject

Harry is moody and theatrical: he is a constant stealer of the spotlight, does not hesitate in rudely judging his family, and has had an Instagram account back in the day. Chloe describes Harry as “quite possibly the most ridiculous cat [she has] ever met,” and believes he emulates the spirit of Fat Louie from the Princess Diaries: snobby, and extremely lazy. My experience with … Continue reading HARRY: you’re my favourite subject

KELVO: the bald and the beautiful

Kelvo is a strange little character. And this statement does not come out of nowhere; it’s built on the premise of his inability to grow hair, a craving for prawns, and a weird penchant for drinking out of the toilet. I’d say my first memory of Kelvo is on par with the scene in which Elliott meets E.T: that same look of childish disbelief when … Continue reading KELVO: the bald and the beautiful

ONYX: isn’t he a gem?

Onyx, this magical and mischievous being, was named by one of his owners (read: suitors), Jazmin, for his black colourings resembled the stone. To call a cat Onyx shows an amount of phonetic intelligence that I unfortunately did not possess as a kid, for I thought my Troll doll’s name was pronounced On-IX. This name makes complete sense to me, for those I have met … Continue reading ONYX: isn’t he a gem?

HADES & ARES: the cat god and goddess

My mythological knowledge is limited to the joke “a roman goes into a bar, holds up two fingers and says give me five beers”, and what I know about Ancient Greece is embarrassingly smaller. However, I could still appreciate the cleverness in the names of Tyler’s cats’, Hades and Ares. Tyler is a lover of Greek Mythology (and red snakes!), who started this divine tradition … Continue reading HADES & ARES: the cat god and goddess

LOUIS: heir-y and rarely asleep

Louis is as much of a prince as his namesake, His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. His owner, Olivia, is an outspoken lover of both the monarchy and Australian politics. Hence, the christening of her new kitten as Prince Louis Keating-Savvas, giving this cat both her own surname and that of her favourite prime minister, Paul Keating. This was a good decision, for Olivia … Continue reading LOUIS: heir-y and rarely asleep